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Black Wax

BLACK CAR WAX: Specially formulated to produce brilliant color and shine on dark to black paint

SHINE AND GLOSS: Polishes while you wax for incredible deep shine and gloss

WAX PROTECTION: Synthetic polymers provide long-lasting, durable protection

CLEAR COAT SAFE: Clear coat safe formula creates gloss with no swirls

OPTIONS FOR USE: Can be applied by hand (hand applicator pad included), DA Power System G3500 or DA Polisher like Meguiar's MT300



Meguiar’s Black Wax is a unique cleaner wax specifically formulated to polish while you wax for incredible depth of shine on darker paint colors, like black. Black Wax contains specialized synthetic polymers that provide a long-lasting durable wax protection and add gloss, brilliant color and shine all at once. Whether working by hand, Meguiar’s DA Power System or DA Polisher, like Meguiar’s MT310 Dual Action Polisher, you’ll get light cleaning, an amazing shine and polymer protection without creating further swirls. The packaging also includes a premium applicator to ensure the wax is applied thin and evenly for the best results when working by hand. If your car is a dark color, take the guess-work out of waxing with Meguiar’s Black Wax.You’ll see why it’s the best wax if you have a car with a darker paint color. If you have a lighter colored carMeguiar’s also makes a White Wax that cleans, enhances shine, and leaves behind wax protection for quick and amazing results.

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