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Car Wash Plus

It’s A Car Wash, Plus a Whole Lot More! New Revolutionary Concept in Car Wash.

Helps save time & water with its innovative application method.

Super concentrated formula applied directly to wet wash mitt-no bucket required. Cleans tough dirt. Removes bugs & tar.

Polishes away light scuffs.

Formulated with special polishing agents that provide deep cleaning.

Ideal for extremely dirty and neglected cars-but gentle enough for regular use.

Improves vehicle’s paint appearance

PHP 1,355.00


Meguiar’s® Car Wash Plus+ is the fast, easy way to wash your car. No mixing or repeat trips to the bucket for more suds; simply apply it directly to your wash mitt & go! The 100% active formula removes not only dirt & grime, but also bugs, grease, light stains & light scuff marks! And since Car Wash Plus+ is super concentrated, a little goes a long way!

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