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DA Compound Power Pack

Meguiar’s DA Compound Power Pack conveniently pairs together one Meguiar’s4”Foam Compound Pad with one 4 ounce bottle of Meguiar’sUltimate Compound to quickly and easily remove below surface defects and restore color and clarity to paint.

The red Foam Compound Pad is engineered with a strong hook and loop backing that it fits firmly to Meguiar’sDA Power System Tool that works with a standard corded 3/8” drill.

When the DA Power System Tool is used with the Red Foam Compound Pad and Ultimate Compound you get the power of a dual action polisher to remove paint defects without causing harm to your paint.

Remove paint defects like oxidation, scratches, swirls, water spots, stains, and other paint defects.

This combination allows you to remove defects and boost gloss quicker and easier than working by hand as your drill is creating friction to help do the work for you.

The Foam Compounding Pad is also machine washable, machine dryable, and can be reused.



DEFECT REMOVAL: Ultimate Compound and DA foam pad removes oxidation, scratches, swirls, water spots and other paint defects with ease
ULTIMATE COMPOUND: Clear coat safe formula cuts fast to remove below-surface defects without damaging your paint
RESTORE COLOR: Easily restore color and clarity to abused and neglected paint finishes
UNIQUE FOAM TECHNOLOGY: The DA Compound Power Pad is made of unique foam technology that cuts through surface defects and increases the amount of defect removal. Machine wash and dry to reuse
DA POWER SYSTEM: Intended for use with Meguiar’s DA Power System Tool G3500, kit includes 4 oz bottle of Ultimate Compound and one 4" foam DA Compound Power Pad

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