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DA Waxing Power Pack

Dual action foam waxing pad and liquid wax to quickly apply durable wax protection, shine and brilliant reflections in a half hour or less

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is clear coat safe and delivers maximum synthetic wax protection and reflectivity

Premium foam pad creates an even, luxurious high gloss finish and applies maximum shine and depth of color

4" pad moves evenly and quickly in open space, yet is small enough to reach tight spots; machine wash and dry to reuse

Intended for use with Meguiar’s DA Power System Tool G3500, kit includes one 4 ounce bottle of Ultimate Liquid Wax and one 4" foam DA Waxing Power Pad

PHP 2,180.00

3oz, 1Set

Having to wax your car by hand can be a time consuming effort. But with Meguiar's® DA Power System, waxing just got easier and more fun.

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