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Hyper Wash

Rich, stable foam provides excellent performance

High dilution ratio is ideal for use in mixing/metering systems

Safely and effectively lifts dirt and grime off surfaces without stripping wax

Provides a deep gloss and rich shine

Biodegradable formula so run-off won't harm the environment, and is body shop safe 400:1 dilution ratio allows for a little bit of product to go a long way



Typical dilution rates are obsolete when comparing them with Meguiar's® Hyper-Wash™. Using innovative techniques, Meguiar's has created a product that produces rich stable foam at an unbelievable dilution rate of 400:1. Its biodegradable formula safely and effectively lifts dirt and grime off all surfaces leaving a rich gloss and deep shine.* *Detergents biodegradable per Regulation (EC) No 648/2004.

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