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PRO Hybrid Ceramic Bead Booster 32oz

INCREASED GLOSS & PROTECTION: Hybrid Ceramic Si02 spray sealant restores gloss, slickness & beading to coatings

MULTIPLE USES: Versatile and dilutable formula works as a spray sealant, boosted detailer & clay lube

DURABLE PROTECTION: Durable beading protection on Paint Protection Film, paint & coatings

EASY TO USE: Convenient mist and wipe can even be used in full sun

OPTIONAL SIZES: Available in a 32 oz spray bottle or 1 gallon size



Meguiar’s M799 PRO Hybrid Ceramic Bead Booster is a product in a league of its own – able to fill the role of both a dedicated spray-and-wipe Sio2 sealant, AND as a boosted hydrophobic detailer! M799 is extremely versatile making it an excellent tool in the arsenal of any enthusiast or pro that is looking for fast & easy ways to maintain their top-tier hydrophobic protection, whether that is from a true ceramic coating base, on top of a traditional wax, or on top of any of the several Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic waxes or sealants

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