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Silicone Free Dressing



Silicone-free tire dressing & exterior dressing
If you’ve ever worked in a body shop you know that you can’t have silicone in the painting environment as it can lead to adhesion issues and produce other blemishes like fisheyes when painting. Then, most dressings contain silicone making it challenging for body shops to find a dressing that they can use in their workspace without causing further problems. This is one of the reasons Meguiar’s has formulated D161 Silicone Free Dressing. This advanced formula is the go-to choice for professionals looking for a high-performance dressing that can be used in any silicone-sensitive environment. This tire shine delivers an incredibly deep, rich glossy shine on all exterior non-painted rubber and plastic surfaces. It comes in a one-gallon container that is more convenient and cost-effective for professional high-volume body shops. It’s the perfect choice for clean, dark, glossy non-painted exterior rubber, plastic and vinyl in a VOC-compliant and silicone-free formula!

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