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Soft Buff DA Foam Cutting Disc 5

Getting maximum results when compounding or polishing paint

1. Wash and dry the vehicle thoroughly to remove all loose contaminants with a pH balanced car wash like Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash.

2. If the paint feels rough to the touch following a wash, a clay bar should be used to remove bonded contaminants. Hybrid Ceramic Quik Clay Kit is a great option here.

3. Under strong lighting, either from direct sunlight or using a detailing light, visually inspect the paint finish for below surface defects like oxidation, swirl marks, scratches, and etchings from bird droppings.

4. Before polishing, the DFC5 foam cutting disk removes moderate defects with a compound like Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound.

5. For very light defects or just to enhance the gloss of the paint, the DFP5 foam polishing disc can be used with a Meguiar’s polish, like Ultimate Polish, prior to applying wax.

6. For enhancing gloss while applying wax protection, the DFF5 foam finishing disc can be used with your favorite Meguiar’s wax like Ultimate Liquid Wax.

PHP 1,210.00


DFC5 Foam Cutting Disc removes oxidation, swirls and other below surface defects

With improved foam technology, Meguiar’s 5" Soft Buff DA Foam Cutting Disc cuts through moderate surface defects without creating swirls. The innovative low-profile pads provide increased disc and tool efficiency, giving you optimized performance and delivering advanced cutting and finishing results. The hook and loop system keeps the disc firmly attached to the backing plate at all times. Designed to be used with Meguiar’s Dual Action Polisher MT300 and 5" Soft Buff DA Backing Plate DBP5. Machine washable and reusable.

Compounding and polishing paint – selecting the right pad:
Achieving a near flawless paint finish is easy if you follow a few simple basics. Meguiar’s DFC5 foam cutting disc is the perfect match with a compound to remove oxidation, swirl marks, stains and more with the MT300 DA polisher. The DFP5 foam polishing disc, paired with a Meguiar’s polish, maximizes gloss and depth. The DFF5 foam finishing disc is perfect for applying your favorite Meguiar’s wax.

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