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Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel

We have all seen those cars that look great, but at just the right angle have swirls, micro-scratches, and holograms.
Sometimes these markings are created by aggressive rotary buffers, improper techniques or even those convenient automatic car washes.

However, one of the most common reasons for getting swirls comes down to the polishing towels that we use.
Maybe you grew up using terry cloth towels, baby diapers, or even tee shirts when waxing.

While baby diapers and tee shirts are soft, they are also very thin without much fiber or thickness.
The thinner the material, the more likely it is to push dirt and debris back into the paint. Terry towels aren't a bad option, but they can also start to create swirls in your paint if you rub too hard.

Whenever you touch the paint of your car you create friction and anytime you create friction you run the risk of creating swirls and scratches.
However, microfiber towels are softer and gentler than an average terry towel while also absorbing more material at a faster rate.

Microfiber towels also have a deep nap that attracts and absorbs product while buffering contaminants on the paint. With quality microfiber towels you wipe less, you create less friction and work less!

PHP 590.00


Microfiber towels remove product quicker while reducing damage to car paint

Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels work quickly and gently to remove compounds, polishes, waxes, spray detailers and spray waxes from paint. They can also be used on many different interior surfaces with interior cleaners, protectants, leather conditioners and glass cleaners. These reusable towels are thick, extremely plush and are very gentle on surfaces. This dual-sided microfiber towel works gently to produce swirl free, mirror-like results.

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