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Creates a brilliant, high gloss finish with amazing wet-look show car shine.
Conditions and nourishes paint-prior to waxing- through the replenishment of valuable oils.
A pure polish specially formulated for dark-colored cars. Makes dark colors darker and reflections deeper.
Clear coat safe.For glossy paint finishes only.Not for use on matte or satin finishes.
For hand application only.
Do not allow product to dry.Wipe off -whilst still damp- with 100% cotton towel.
Keep off Rubber,Vinyl and Non-painted surfaces.

Deep Crystal Polish

SKU: A3116
  • Meguiar’s® Deep Crystal Polish is a pure polish specially formulated to add extra gloss and brilliance to dark-colored cars. Car Guys know that a pure polish is that extra step to achieving a dripping wet, show-car finish on all paints, including clear coats. Deep Crystal Polish conditions and nourishes the paint by replenishing valuable oils, making dark colors darker, reflections deeper and an amazing wet-look show car shine. To protect and lock-in that shine, follow with your favorite Meguiar’s wax.
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