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The dressing that keeps everything under the bonnet looking like new.
Safely restores and protects engine bay materials for a long lasting, like-new appearance.
Long lasting protection in a non greasy dressing.
Specialized formula prevents cracking, fading and hardening of plastics and rubbers.
Skin safe and solvent free.
Spray and allow to dry for a few minutes. Do not wash off. Be sure to cover or avoid sensitive electronics.

Engine Dressing

SKU: G17316EU

  • Meguiar’s Engine Dressing is the safe, easy-to-use solution to keep the
    variety of materials used on and around engines looking their best. The
    non-greasy formula leaves a deep, rich appearance while providing long lasting
    protection on plastics, rubber and hoses. Protect, preserve and
    enhance everything under your vehicle’s hood with Meguiar’s Engine

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