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Xtreme Cling™ foam vigorously clings to vertical surfaces and dissolves brake dust and grime Safe and effective on factory painted and clear coated rims, and tires Visually see dirt and grime lifting off the wheel & tire Easy to use and convenient trigger spray, spray-on and hose-off with water Leaves rims with a brilliant shine while effectively cleaning Moderately aggressive cleaners for use on all factory coated or painted wheels Formula cleans wheels AND tires, foaming away dirt & grime!

Hot Rims Wheel & Tire Cleaner

SKU: G9524
  • With Meguiar’s Hot Rims All Wheel & Tire Cleaner, you’ll actually see the grime lift off your wheels and tires! Our Xtreme Cling™ foam is designed to cling vigorously to vertical surfaces and dissolve anything between your wheels and a brilliant shine! Safe for all clear-coated wheels.
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