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Meguiar’s D170 Hyper Dressing produces a high shine finish on non-painted rubber, plastic, or vinyl on interior or exterior surfaces. Safe and effective on non-painted plastic and rubber engine components, tires, wheel compartment, as well as interior and exterior trim. “The Professional’s Choice” Meguiar’s Detailer products are the perfect solution for anyone detailing cars at home, on the side or full-time – now available in an easily accessible Ready-to-Use format.

Hyper Dressing

SKU: DRTU17032
  • BEST RESULTS: Get a high shine finish on non-painted rubber, plastic and vinyl parts on your car’s interior and exterior surfaces


    VERSATILE APPLICATION: Has multiple applications, including interior and exterior trim pieces, vinyl surfaces, tires, wheel wells, engine rubber and plastics, & more


    WATER-BASED FORMULA: Safe to use and leaves behind a pleasant scent


    READY TO USE FORMULA: Pre-diluted, no mixing required!


    SIZE OPTION: Also available in a concentrated 1 gallon size

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