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Easy to use spray-on, wipe-off that produces incredible depth, shine, and gloss
Unique blend removes dust, smudges, fingerprints, and other contaminants safely and gently
Creates a showroom shine while enhancing protection
Safe for paint, plastic, chrome, and vinyl
Excellent for use as a clay lubricant with C2000 and C2100 when diluted 1:1

Last Touch Spray Detailer

SKU: D15505
  • Meguiar’s D155 Last Touch SprayDetailer is a professional mist and wipe detailer that allows you to quickly and gently detail your car while enhancing wax protection. This easy to use spray-on, wipe-off maintenance product produces incredible depth, shine and gloss for a showroom appearance while also enhancing protection. The gentle, high-lubricity formula is safe all glossy paints and clear coats and can also be used on plastics, chrome and vinyl. Safely and gently remove fresh surface contaminants like dust, smudges, fingerprints and other contaminants before they become an issue. Last Touch SprayDetaileris also excellent for use as a clay bar lubricant with Meguiar’s C2000 Mirror Glaze Professional Mild Detailing Clay and Meguiar’s C2100 Mirror Glaze Professional Aggressive Detailing Clay when diluted 1:1. Formulated with professional detailers and body shops in mind, this detailer is body shop safe and available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.
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