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Finishing pads with improved foam technology eliminate minor surface defects while restoring a luxurious high gloss finish with no swirls
Innovative low-profile pads deliver optimized performance
Advanced finishing results from increased disc and tool efficiency
Ideal when used with Meguiar’s Dual Action Polisher MT300 and 5" Soft Buff DA Backing Plate DBP5
Foam discs are machine washable and reusable

Soft Buff DA Foam Finishing Disc 5

  • Improved foam technology allows Meguiar's® DFF5 - 5" Soft Buff™ DA Foam Finishing Disc to cut through moderate surface defects with no swirls. Low profile for optimized performance. Experience advanced finishing results from increased disc and tool efficiency. For use with Dual Action Polisher and Meguiar's® DBP5 - 5" Soft Buff™ DA Backing Plate.
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