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WHITE CAR WAX: Specially formulated to produce brilliant reflections and shine on light to white paint
GENTLE CLEANING AGENTS: Micro cleaners safely restore paint brightness while removing light oxidation and contaminants
WAX PROTECTION: Synthetic polymers provide long-lasting, durable protection
CLEAR COAT SAFE: Clear coat safe formula creates brilliant gloss with no swirls
OPTIONS FOR USE: Can be applied by hand (hand applicator pad included), DA Power System Tool G3500 or DA Polisher like Meguiar's MT300

White Wax

SKU: G6107
  • Clean, shine& protect in one easy to use wax If you have a lighter colored car, like white, Meguiar’s has made selecting a wax easier than ever with White Wax. Meguiar’s White Wax is a specialized formula that cleans, polishes and offers wax protection on white to light colored cars in one easy step. Microscopic cleaners work to remove defects like light oxidation, light swirls, light water spots, and other contaminants while boosting gloss and brightness. Synthetic polymers work to provide long-lasting, durable wax protection. This one-step cleaner wax is also easier to use than traditional carnauba wax, going on and coming off with less effort, and can be applied by hand or dual action polisher. The packaging also includes a foam wax applicator to apply the White Wax thin and evenly. Remove defects, obtain a brilliant bright shine, and get long-lasting protection with this easy to use wax on white to light paint colors.
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